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A little about myself...


Growing up in Lincoln UK, it would be until I was 17 that I took a strong interest in photography. 


During my childhood, I was lucky enough to experience different cultures and activities, on family holidays in the summer. Having been born into a family interested in sports, I naturally got interested in it, mostly participating in football and golf. Both sports I still thoroughly enjoy playing and watching today.


Having gone through secondary school and most of sixth form, it was on holiday when my interest in photography began. I found myself wanting to take more than just your average holiday photo with the Canon 400d we had. I had an instinct to start showing my view of the world through a camera lens.


After completing my A-Levels, I was undecided what degree course to apply for, so I decided to take a year whilst working to decide what I'd like to do. During this time, whilst working, it was when I decided on applying for a photography degree.


During the 3 years on the course, I learned different aspects of photography. I photographed in studios and in different locations, one highlight being Google headquarters in London. Due to my interest in sport, I decided to do sports photography as my final major project in the last year of my degree. This was mainly focusing on football which can be found in my portfolio.


I am now looking to establish myself as a full-time photographer having recently taking on work with events company and also work for private clients. I have also photographed for a commercial client in Hampshire UK. 

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